Monday, 7 September 2020

What Not to do in a Digital Content Marketing Campaign?

Digital content marketing is a dynamic field – and will you find millions of contents on ‘how to do it correctly’. But, in the middle of ‘how to do’ discussions, we often forget ‘things we should not do’ while marketing content for the clients.

In digital marketing campaigns, ‘one size fit all’ formula is ineffective. You need to innovate and deliver solutions to unique problems. The same is true for ‘things to avoid’ categories. Things that did not work for your competitors might fetch you a higher ranking on the SERP, and vice versa.
You have to be on your toes - learning and unlearning – to deliver the best solutions to your clients and their respective digital marketing campaigns.

Having said, here are few ground rules of things you should not do while running a promotional campaign for your digital content. But, first, let’s understand what do you talk about when you talk about digital content promotions/marketing/campaign.

What is digital content promotion/marketing/campaign?

Theoretically, digital content promotion/marketing/campaign is a process managing and maintaining digital products available in the various electronic channels to deliver relevant information to the consumers. It focuses more on the contents in the form of blogs, images, videos, infographics, articles, etc.

One of the prime aims of content marketing is to deliver a better experience to consumers. It helps in setting up a long-term relationship between two points (here consumer and the seller) and assisting in conversions. Additionally, content marketing is economical when compared with outbound marketing charges.

Few benefits of content marketing include:

  1. Better lead generations
  2. Cost-effective for small businesses 
  3. Helps in building long term relationship with consumers

After discussing what is digital content marketing and some of its benefits, here are a few of the mistakes you should avoid staying on the top of your game.

Mistake no. 1 # Not delivering the content demanded by the consumer

One of the common errors, most content campaigners and creators end up with is ‘not delivering’ content according to consumer demands. Many top content creators have agreed to the fact that delivering the reading materials demanded by the readers and consumers can help in bringing in leads that convert.

According to them, before drafting a video, blog, or article, it is crucial to research into consumer’s interests and deliver content based on that.

Mistake no. 2 # Working as a content venting machine

Another big no-no in the content marketing field is developing content just for the sake of it. Instead of becoming a content vending machine, create content with a purpose. Plan and execute your content developing strategies and deliver concrete content that attracts the readers.

The digital content marketing, when implemented correctly, can help in bringing in leads for the company. Want to know more? Reach out to Carney Technology Services ( and unleash the powers of your content. Call 9830520826 to book your appointment now.

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